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Register representing the root of the registry tree.

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is a Register

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contained item class Register | concept scheme | Collection
description Register representing the root of the registry tree.
label root
member NWSI-10-801 | NWSI-10-813 | NDFD | NWSI-10-811 | Numerical Weather Prediction | FMH-1 | Structure | System register | MADIS | NWSI 10-512 | NWSI 10-511 | NWSI-10-803 | Definitions | FMH-12 | Statistical Post Processing | Data Assimilation
modified 10 Feb 2022 16:15:46.745
subregister NWSI-10-813 | MADIS | NWSI 10-511 | NWSI 10-512 | Structure | NDFD | FMH-12 | System register | NWSI-10-801 | Definitions | NWSI-10-803 | NWSI-10-811
type Register
version info 6
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Name Notation Description Types Status
  Data Assimilation DataAssimilation Tables and codes that help document a variety of efforts in D... Container , Register , Collection stable
  FMH-1 FMH-1 This page contains code tables associated with surface observ... Collection , Container , Register stable
  FMH-12 FMH-12 This page contain code tables associated with enroute aviatio... Register , Collection , Container stable
  MADIS MADIS This page contains codes associated with the Meteorological A... Collection , Register , Container stable
  NDFD NDFD This folder contains lists used in the National Digital Forec... Register , Container , Collection stable
  NWSI 10-511 NWSI-10-511 This page contains code tables related to National Weather Se... Register , Collection , Container stable
  NWSI 10-512 NWSI-10-512 The code lists documented on these web pages are designed to ... Register , Collection , Container stable
  NWSI-10-801 NWSI-10-801 Code lists for Aviation Weather Warning (AWW) products issued... Container , Register , Collection stable
  NWSI-10-803 NWSI-10-803 This container contains code tables associated with National ... Container , Register , Collection stable
  NWSI-10-811 NWSI-10-811 This page contains code tables associated with enroute foreca... Register , Container , Collection stable
  NWSI-10-813 NWSI-10-813 This page contains tables associated with the Terminal Aerodr... Register , Collection , Container stable
  Numerical Weather Prediction NumericalWeatherPrediction Tables and codes that help document a variety of efforts in N... Container , Collection , Register stable
  Statistical Post Processing StatPP Methods used to statistically post-process numerical weather ... Container , Register , Collection stable
  Definitions def Code lists, concept schemes and other collections in the regi... Register , Container stable
  Structure structure Code lists used to aid organizing and presenting the Environm... Register , Container stable
  System register system Internal registers which are used to control system operation Container , Register stable